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13th Moon is a journal which began publishing in 1973 and continued publishing through 2009. Founding editor Ellen Marie Bissert handed the editor role to Marilyn Hacker in 1981. In 1987 through 2003, 13th Moon was published by an editorial collective including fiction editors Judith Fetterley and Hollis Seamon and the poetry editors working with Judith Johnson. The collective was based in Albany, NY.

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founded by Lisbet Tellefsen and Pippa Fleming, published from February 1989 through the summer issue of 1993.

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Amazon Quarterly, a production of Amazon Press, was based in Massachusetts and published queer art and creative writing in the 1970's. The editors included but were not limited to Gina Covina, Laurel Galana, and Audre Lorde.

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Broadside was a groundbreaking Canadian feminist newspaper that published from 1979 until 1989. Based in Toronto, the newspaper was led by editor Philanda Masters and other volunteer staff members. All issues of the newspaper are now completely digitized and searchable at the archives of Broadside.

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Common Lives, Lesbian Lives was a lesbian journal published between 1980 and 1994.

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Conditions, a feminist journal with a focus on lesbian writing, published seventeen issues sequentially numbered between 1976 and 1990.

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Country Women was an American feminist magazine published in Albion, California from 1972 until 1979.

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Distaff published in New Orleans from 1973-1976. In its inaugural year, Distaff released new issues nearly every month; however, over time, the newspaper released issues more sporadically. After 1976, the journal briefly ceased publication until 1978. Editor Mary Gehman donated her collection from Distaff to the Newcomb Archives and Vorhoff Library Special Collections.

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Dyke A Quarterly was published in New York City from 1975-1979 under the leadership of editors Liza Cowan and Penny House.

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The full run of Gay Community News is digitized and freely available.

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The Heresies Collective was a group of women who documented their experiences with the Second Wave of feminism with this NY-based journal, Heresies, from 1977-1993. Contributors to the journal include but are not limited to Joan Braderman, Mary Beth Edelson, and Arlene Ladden.

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Hot Wire published 10 issues from November of 1984 to September of 1994, and prices for the magazines ranged from around $5.00 to $6.00.

Hot Wire - The Journal of Women's Music and Culture (More)

IKON: Creativity and Change, was a journal of Second Wave feminist art and activism. A small, independently published journal, IKON’s editing and publishing was U.S.-based, but the journal’s content was international, focusing on the status of women worldwide.

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Maize : a lesbian country magazine

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Motheroot Publications released several progressive texts, including its own Motheroot Journal which reviewed independently-published feminist books. The journal was based in Pittsburgh, PA from 1979-1985, and it emerged as a quarterly publication that released new issues every 3 months.

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The Black Lesbian Newsletter, later Onyx, published from 1982 until 1984.

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Out/Look, the National Lesbian & Gay Quarterly, was published in San Fransisco from the spring of 1988 through the summer of 1992 and contained 17 issues. The publication was founded by Jeffrey Escoffier and co-edited by E.G. Crichton, and it addressed issues including but not limited to: the AIDS outbreak, queer fashion, activism, and books/artwork. The journal inspired the OutWrite conferences that hosted numerous influential key speakers such as Allen Ginsberg.

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Sinister Wisdom, a lesbian-feminist journal began publishing in 1976 and continues publishing today. The archive includes a digital editions of issues between 1976 and 1990.

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The Furies, a lesbian/feminist monthly, began publishing in January 1972. A total of nine issues of the magazine were published until it ceased in 1973.

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Trivia: A Journal of Ideas was founded in 1982 by a group of feminists in Massachusetts, but it morphed into the contemporary forum Triva: Voices of Feminism which is managed by Monica J. Casper, Julie Amparano, and Linda Van Leuven. Lise Weil, one of the founders and editors of the original Trivia: A Journal of Ideas, now serves on the new forum's advisory board.

Trivia: A Journal of Ideas, 1982-1995 (More)

Vice Versa was the first lesbian magazine circulated in the United States in Los Angeles starting in 1947. Edythe Eyde published ten copies of each edition of her magazine, all marked with the pseudonym Lisa Ben (an anagram for lesbian). J.D. Doyle has digitized all of the issues of Vice Versa on the website Queer Music Heritage.

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Wilde: covering men from head to toe

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