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Conditions published between 1977 and 1990 in sequentially numbered issues, One through Seventeen.


Article Database
A database of all articles from digitized issues is available for download as a .xls file. The link to download this file is below or click here.

Twenty-One Boxes of Back Issues
An article about distributing the back issues of Conditions to research libraries and community archives published on Lambda Literary is available here.

Grateful appreciation to the students in Women's Studies 250 class, fall 2012, at the University of Maryland for their enthusiastic participation in the creation of this archive.

Copyright Statement
Conditions and the materials printed in Conditions remain under copyright. In consultation with Cheryl Clarke, a member of the Conditions collective for ten years, I have created this archive of Conditions in an effort to preserve the vital work of the journal and make it available for scholarly and personal use.

If you are the copyright owner of material in Conditions and do not want your work to be displayed in this digital archive, please email me at JulieREnszer at gmail dot com. I will redact the pages with your legally copyright protected materials immediately and destroy all personal copies of the digital materials.
Thank you for your interest in and support of lesbian-feminist print culture.

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