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Lesbian Writers Conference - 1974-1976

For five years from 1974 until 1978, lesbian writers from all over the United States and Canada gathered in Chicago, IL during a September weekend for the Lesbian Writers Conference. Womanpress published pamphlets with the keynote addresses from 1974, 1975, and 1976. The pamphlets are presented below.

This is the address given by author Valerie Taylor to the 1st Annual Lesbian Writers Conference in Chicago, Illinois, in September 1974.

For My Granddaughters… (More)

by Barbara Grier, September 19, 1975.

The Possibilities Are Staggering (More)

by Beth Hodges. The text of a speech delivered before the 3rd Annual Lesbian Writers Conference. Chicago, September 17, 1976

Print Is Our Medium (More)