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Mama's Press

Alta. True Story: Prose. Oakland, CA: Mama's Press, 1973.

Boucher, Sandy. Assaults & Rituals: Stories. Oakland, CA: Mama's Press, 1975.

Crider, Brenda. Schizophrenia and Other Diatribes. Oakland, CA: Mama's Press 1970.

Gardner-Loulan, JoAnn. Period. Burlingame, CA: My Mama's Press, 1979.

Griffin, Susan. Let Them Be Said. Berkeley, CA: Mama's Press, 1973.

Holt, Laura Wharton. Mid Day Moon. Berkeley,? CA: Mama's Press?, 1974

Mackey, Mary. Split Ends: Poems. Oakland, CA: Mama's Press, 1974.

Editor Note: The WorldCat entry for the Holt book is uncertain about the publisher and I have not examined a copy of the book. I am uncertain if the book by Gardner-Loulan is from Mama's Press or a different press.