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Lonidier, Lynn

Po tree & illustrations. Berkeley: Berkeley Free Press, 1967.

The Female Freeway. San Francisco: Tenth Muse/A Maelstrom Production, 1970.

A Jellyfish Swim. San Francisco, CA: Tenth Muse, 1972. (Broadside)

A Lesbian Estate: Poems, 1970-1973. South San Francisco, CA: Manroot, 1977.

For Sale: Girl Poet Cheap. South San Francisco, CA: ManRoot, 1977. (Broadside)

Woman Explorer. Philadelphia, PA: Painted Bride Quarterly, 1979.

Christmas Kitty in Bilingualand, or, What I Did This Year, 1986. (Broadside)

Clitoris Lost: A Woman's Version of the Creation Myth: a take-off on John Milton's ordering of a heaven, earth, and hell. Boyes Hot Spring, CA: Manroot Press, 1989.

The Rhyme of the Ag-ed Mariness: Last Poems. Barrytown, NY: Barrytown, Ltd. 2000.

The papers of Lynn Lonidier are housed at the San Francisco Public Library. The catalogue entry for these papers is:|Rb2109438|Slonidier|Orightresult|X5?lang=eng&suite=def
The finding aid contains a biographical sketch of Lonidier.

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