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We Are All Lesbians - I want to tell you

page 18

I want to tell you
what I want from you
and why
and why you.

I want you to love me

because I'm alone and lonely
because I've been shot
my eyes torn out
my throat cut
thorns in my ears and under my toes
and my heart ground down to glass

I want to love you

because your dovesoft eyes are shy
because you smell warm and alive
as dark as a dream of the sea
filled with phosphorescent anemonea
and the gold of reflecting mirrors

because you're a woman
and I'm a woman

and no woman ever called me cunt.

Bobbie Geary

page 19

I hear of a real place
where women walk roads
with mace in their pockets
with knives in their throats

there are separate bars
for aggressive women
drinking halls filled with drag kings

what gall pretending they got balls
between their legs

I went there once with alex
he said 'these women are confused'
I said 'maybe their mothers named them
Duke and Bobby
maybe they enjoy it'

'I think it's sad' he said
'Don't you agree' he asked and I lied thru my teeth
because I never told anybody that I loved Susan in
every way
(even the nasty way)
she is a part of me
that in order to get to you drive across the river,
over the R&R tracks, and down a gravel road at night
and pray that nobody you know sees you there.

Patty One Person