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About LPA V. 1.1

What’s New?

Version 1.1 was launched on Thursday, 5 February 2009. Changes include:

•New anthology, Dykes for An Amerikan Revolution, digitized; originally published in 1971.

•New archival notes.

•List of Advisors.

•Bibliography section launch with bibliography of Eloise Klein Healy.

•Call for Guest Editors.


The editor is grateful to the following advisors for their guidance in the project:

Eloise Klein Healy
Katie King
Joan Larkin
Martha Nell Smith

All errors rest with the editor, Julie R. Enszer.

Call for Guest Editors

If you would like to edit or curate an addition to the Lesbian Poetry Archives, please email Julie R. Enszer to discuss. We welcome additions to the archives of material of, about, or relating to lesbian poetry between 1969 and 1989.

About the Lesbian Poetry Archive

The Lesbian Poetry Archive (v. 1.0) was launched by Julie R. Enszer in December 2008. New digital archives are planned. Please check back regularly.