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Dykewomon (Nachman), Elana

Note: Dykewomon began publishing with the name Elana Nachman and changed it in the 1970s to Dykewomon.

Riverfinger women. Plainfield, VT: Daughters, Inc., 1974; Tallahassee, FL: Naiad Press, 1992.

They will know me by my teeth: stories and poems of lesbian struggle, celebration, and survival. Northhampton, MA: Megaera Press, 1976.

Fragments from Lesbos. Langlois, OR: Disapora Distribution, 1981.

Nothing Will Be As Sweet As the Taste: Selected Poems 1974-1994. London, UK: Onlywomen Press, 1995.

Sarahs Töchter: Roman. Berlin: Krug und Schadenberg, 1999

Moon Creek Road: Collected Stories. Denver, CO: Spinster Ink Books, 2003.

Beyond the Pale: A Novel. Vancouver, BC: Press Gang Publishers, 1997; London, UK: Onlywomen, 2000, 2009; Vancouver, BC: Raincoast Books, 2003.

Risk. Ann Arbor, MI: Bywater Books, 2009.

Dykewomon has had stories included in:

Warland, Betsy and Valerie Speidel. InVersions: Writing by Dykes, Queers & Lesbians. Vancouver, BC: Press Gang Publishers, 1991.

Nestle, Joan and Naomi Holoch. Women on Women 3: An Anthology of American Lesbian Short Fiction. New York, NY: Plume, 1996.

Rothblum, Esther D. and Sondra Solovay. Fat Studies Reader. New York, NY: New York University Press, 2009.

Oral Histories:

Excellent history on Dykewomon's work in Northampton in the 1970s: