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Grier, Barbara. The Possibilities are Staggering. Chicago, IL: Womanpress, 1976.

Description from Flyer: the text of a speech delivered before the 2nd Annual Lesbian Writers Conference, Chicago, Sept. 19, 1975 by Barbara Grier (Gene Damon)
Ms. Grier, principal compiler of The Lesbian in Literature and for several years editor of The Ladder, talks about the herstory of that magazine, the future of lesbian writing and women controlled presses. The question and answer session following the talk is also included.
Available Summer, 1976
16 pges
65 cents

Pope, Penelope. The Enclosed Garden. Chicago, IL: Womanpress, 1977.

Description from Flyer: Ms. Pope is in her early thirties, Chicgo born, and educated in parochial schools. She took her B. A. in English Literature and Philosophy from Mundelein College. She has worked in the Civil Rights Movement and has been active with lesbian and gay publications and organizations.
She thinks of herself as a feminist first and works toward a woman’s idiom in her writing. She sees ours as a period of transition toward an achievable liberation and is writing for that time in our herstory and for those people who have already achieved this liberation in their own lives
Available FAll, 1976
64 pages

Taylor, Valerie. For my Granddaughters. Chicago, IL: Womanpress, 1974.

Description from Flyer: the text of a speech delivered before the 1st Annual Lesbian Writers Conference, Chicago, September 13, 1974 by Valerie Taylor
Ms. Taylor, author of several lesbian novels offers a capsule herstory of lesbian literature
16 pages
50 cents

Taylor, Valerie and Jeannette Howard Foster. Two Women: the poetry of Valerie Taylor and Jeannette Foster. Chicago, IL: Womanpress, 1976.

Description from Flyer: Jeannette Foster, now eighty, resides in a nursing home in Arkansas and lives in the timeless world of literature. She has retained the wit, lucidity and passionate dedication to books which commended her to thousands of undergraduates during her long career as a university librarian. In her poems, written between 1916 and 1938, readers will find an intense love of nature as well as a love of women which has room for both idealism and passion.
Dr. Foster was one of Kinsey’s first librarians and in that capacity had access to a vast store of unpublished material which undoubtedly furnished some of the data for her masterpiece, Sex Variant Women in Literature. This definitive work, out of print for many years, will soon be re-issued by Diana Press of Baltimore.
Valerie Taylor set out on the path to personal liberation at the age of forty by ending a disastrous marriage and undertaking the total support and upbringing of three sons. She was a rural teacher and office worker from 1956 to 1975 was employed in the publishing industry.
A feminist, peace activist and an advocate of gay liberation, she also spends considerable time worrying about the problem of feeding the world’s population. She has published seven lesbian novels, two other books and a sizeable body of short material. Now retired and living in the East, she is working on a novel about two women over sixty—love at any age!
Ms. Taylor’s influences range from Edna St. Vincent Millay through Gertrude Stein to Denise Levertov. The verses in this volumer were written between 1940 and 1975.
With photographs by Eunice Militante
64 pages

Kuda, Marie. Women Loving Women: A select and annotated bibliography of women loving women in literature. Chicago, IL: Womanpress, 1975.

Approximately two hundred entries covering works published from 1914 to 1974, with annotations.

Various Authors. Women Loving, Women Writing.
an anthology of poetry and prose from the 2nd Annual Lesbian Writers Conference, 1975
Contains material submitted from forty of the one hundred sixty women from all over the country who attended LWC II in Chicago, Setpember 19th through 21st, 1975.
Contributors include high school dropouts and Ph.D.s with a variety of job skills, their ages run from 18 to 62 and their work ranges from the angry to the erotic with some song lyrics, workshop reports and an allegory for children.

Hodges, Beth. Print is our medium : the text of a speech delivered before the 3rd Annual Lesbian Writers Conference Chicago, September 17, 1976. Chicago, IL: Womanpress, 1977.