Trivia: A Journal of Ideas, 1982-1995

Trivia: A Journal of Ideas was founded in 1982 by a group of feminists in Massachusetts, but it morphed into the contemporary forum Triva: Voices of Feminism which is managed by Monica J. Casper, Julie Amparano, and Linda Van Leuven. Lise Weil, one of the founders and editors of the original Trivia: A Journal of Ideas, now serves on the new forum's advisory board.

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Issue 1, Fall 1982 [Issues 1-18 are edited by Lise Weil and a series of associate and assistant editors. Issue 12 is edited by Linda Nelson]
• Janice Raymond, A Genealogy of Female Friendship
• Natalia Malachowskaja, Terra Incognita: On Women and Writing
• Kate Clinton, Making Light: Notes on Feminist Humor
• Anne G. Dellenbaugh, She Who Is and Is Not Yet: An Essay on Parthenogenesis
• H. Patricia Hynes, Active Women in Passive '80
• Kathleen Barry, "Sadomasochism": The New Backlash to Feminism
• Bonnie St. Andrews, Trivial Lives: Nelly Sachs: The Enduring Epitaph

Issue 2, Spring 1983
• Andrea Dworkin, Antifeminism
• Cynthia Rich, The Women in the Tower
• Kathy Newman, Re-membering an Interrupted Conversation: The Mother/Virgin Split
• Andrée M. Collard, Rape of the Wild
• Denise D. Connors, Trivial Lives: Florence Nightingale, A Radical Genius Re-membered
• Lise Weil, In Review: The Color Purple, by Alice Walker

Issue 3, Fall 1983
• Debbie Alicen, Intertextuality: The Language of Lesbian Relationships
• Camille Norton, "Tomb-Breakers": The Case Against Willa Cather
• Mary Daly, On Lust and the Lusty
• Gloria F. Orenstein, Towards a Bifocal Vision in Surrealist Ethics
• Kathy Newman, Trivial Lives: Susan Glaspell and Trifles

Issue 4, Spring 1984
• Jeffner Allen, Looking at Our Blood: A Lesbian Response to Men's Terrorization of Women
• Erika Wisselinck, Anna – One Day in the Life of an Old Woman
• Nancy Breeze, Who's Going To Rock the Petri Dish? For Feminists Who Have Considered Parthenogenesis When the Movement Is Not Enough
• Elizabeth Denny, Daughters of Harpalyce: Incest and Myth
• Katherine Kleitz, Madame Matisse and the Roman Ruins
• Stephanie A. Demetrakopoulos, Colette, Clairvoyance, and the Medium asSibyl: Another Step Towards a Female Metaphysics
• Camille Norton, Trivial Lives: The Naming of George Eliot
• Pauline E. Kayes, In Review: The Mirror Dance: Identity in a Women's Community, by Susan Krieger

Issue 5, Fall 1984
• Nicole Brossard, From Radical to Integral
• Harriet Ellenberger, The Dream Is the Bridge: In Search of Lesbian Theatre
• Jane Meyerding, On Nonviolence and Feminism
• Bonnie St. Andrews, Trivial Lives: Selma Lagerlöf
• Deirdre Neilen, In Review: Teaching a Stone To Talk, by Annie Dillard
• Jane Caputi, In Review: Pure Lust: Elemental Feminist Philosophy, by Mary Daly
• Hannah Quillet, Gadfly to the Sacred Cows

Issue 6, Winter 1985
• Emily Erwin Culpepper, Simone de Beauvoir and the Revolt of the Symbols
• Tremor, The Hundredth Lezzie
• Luce Irigaray, Any Theory of the "Subject" Has Always Been Appropriated by the "Masculine
• Juliet A. Langley, Audacious Fancies: A Collection of Letters from Charlotte Perkins Gilman to Martha Luther
• Ruthann Robson, A Son: Nightmares and Dreams of a Radical Feminist
• Lise Weil, Trivial Lives: Christa Wolf and Cassandra

Issue 7, Summer 1985
• Lise Weil, Imaging Our Freedom: Thoughts on the Pornography Debate
• Andrea Dworkin, Against the Male Flood: Censorship, Pornography, and Equality
• Louky Bersianik, Agenesias of the Old World
• Baba Copper, The View from Over the Hill: Notes on Ageism Between Lesbians
• Heide Göttner-Abendroth, Thou Gaia Art I: Matriarchal Mythology in Former Times and Today
• Erika Wisselinck, Trivial Lives: Notes from a Death Cell

Issue 8, Winter 1986
• Nicole Brossard, Access to Writing: Ritual of the Written Word
• Luisah Teish, She Who Whispers
• Micheline Grimard-Leduc, The Mind-Drifting Islands
• Jeffner Allen, Lesbian Economics
• Mab Maher, Feminism and Life-Memory
• Paula Gunn Allen, Haggles
• Betty La Duke, Trivial Lives: Artists Yolanda López and Patricia Rodríguez

Issue 9, Fall 1986
• Sonia Johnson, Telling the Truth
• Anna Lee, Therapy: The Evil Within
• Bonnie Mann, The Radical Feminist Task of History: Gathering Intelligence in Nicaragua
• Marisa Zavalloni, An Ego-Ecological Analysis of the Representation of Women: The Sartre-Beauvoir Interviews
• Sarah Lucia Hoagland, Moral Agency Under Oppression
• Michelle Jacobs, Trivial Lives: The Forgotten Woman
• Lorine M. Getz and Barbara Walsh, In Review: The Journey Is Home, by Nelle Morton

Issue 10, Spring 1987
• Andrée M. Collard, Freeing the Animals
• Sarah Lucia Hoagland, Moral Agency Under Oppression: Beyond Praise and Blame
• Bonnie Mann, Validation or Liberation? A Critical Look at Therapy and the Women's Movement
• I. Rose, A Passion for Revolution: Rosa Luxemburg (1871-1919)
• Heide Göttner-Abendroth, Urania – Time and Space of the Stars: The Matriarchal Cosmos through the Lens of Modern Physics and Hagia – Academy and Coven for Matriarchal Research and Experience
• Joyce Contrucci, Trivial Lives: Andrée M. Collard (1926-1986): A Biophilic Journey

Issue 11, Fall 1987
• Nicole Brossard, Certain Words
• Baba Copper, Mothers and Daughters of Invention
• Mary Daly in cahoots with Jane Caputi, Selected Words from Websters' First New Intergalactic Wickedary of the English Language
• Diane R. Holman, The Penis as Problematic: Feminist Observations on the Anatomical Distinctions Between the Sexes
• Sarah Lucia Hoagland, Moral Agency Under Oppression: Playing Among Boundaries
• Bonnie St. Andrews, Trivial Lives: Writing the Revolution: Frederika Bremer (1801-65)
• Jane Caputi, In Review: This Is About Incest, by Margaret Randall
• Karen Elias, In Review: Forbidden Fruit: On the Relationship Between Women and Knowledge in Doris Lessing, Selma Lagerlöf,
• Kate Chopin, Margaret Atwood, by Bonnie St. Andrews
• Lise Weil, In Review: Going Out of Our Minds: The Metaphysics of Liberation, by Sonia Johnson

Issue 12, Spring 1988
• Margaret Lew, Relocating the Hedge Transforms the House: Monique Wittig and Pueblo Architecture
• Lou Robinson, Menstrual Extraction: A Mystery
• Nicole Brossard, Kind Skin My Mind
• Jewelle Gomez, Imagine a Lesbian . . . a Black Lesbian . . .
• Christina Thürmer-Rohr, From Deception to Un-Deception: On the Complicity of Women
• Anne G. Dellenbaugh, In and Out of Hell: Where Desire Meets Terror
• Gloria F. Orenstein, Trivial Lives: Interview with the Shaman of Samiland: The Methodology of the Marvelous
• Linda L. Nelson, In Review: A Restricted Country, by Joan Nestle

Issue 13, Fall 1988 Special issue: The Third International Feminist Book Fair, Part I
• Lise Weil, Memory/Transgression: Women Writing in Québec
• Louise Cotnoir, Québec Women's Writing: A Space-In-Between Theory and Fiction
• Gail Scott, A Feminist at the Carnival
• Lou Robinson, "our litanies, our transfusions": After Reading Heroine by Gail Scott
• Nicole Brossard, Memory: Hologram of Desire
• Shirley Hartwell, Words Speaking Body Memory: After Reading Don't: A Woman's Word, by Elly Danica
• Mary Meigs, Memories of Age
• Erin Mouré, Poetry, Memory, and the Polis
• Michèle Causse, Interview: For a Sea of Women and L'Interloquée
• Betsy Warland, the breasts refuse
• Alice Parker, In Review: The Aerial Letter, by Nicole Brossard

Issue 14, Spring 1989 Special Issue: The Third International Feminist Book Fair, Part II
• Linda Nelson and Lise Weil, Language/Difference: Writing in Tongues
• Susanne de Lotbinière-Harwood, I Write Le Body Bilingual: a love affair-e in nomad's land
• Jeannette C. Armstrong, Cultural Robbery, Imperialism: Voices of Native Women
• Susanne de Lotbinière-Harwood, Conversations at the Book Fair with Gloria Anzaldúa and Lee Maracle
• Gloria Anzaldúa, Border Crossings
• Marion Kraft, Between Aversion, Alibi and Acknowledgement: White Feminism and Black Women's Literature in Germany
• Catherine Gonnard, Interview with Michèle Causse
• Ruthann Robson, Nightshade: After Reading Trivia 13
• Verena Stefan, Literally Dreaming
• Jewelle L. Gomez, In Review: Not Vanishing, by Chrystos
• Linda L. Nelson, After Reading Borderlands/La Frontera, by Gloria Anzaldúa

Issue 15, Fall 1989
• Ruthann Robson, Historicity
• Carol LeMasters, S/M and the Violence of Desire
• Christina Thürmer-Rohr, Turning Thoughts/Turning Away
• Carolyn Gage, No Dobermans Allowed: A Dramatic Argument for Separatist Theater
• Amy Elman, Sexual Subordination and State Intervention: Lessons for Feminists from the Nazi State
• Joan Chevalier, Notes on the Weather
• Camille Norton, The Music of Wolves: After Reading Spaces Like Stairs, by Gail Scott
• Laurel Rust, Trivial Lives: Anna, the Moon and the Stars

Issue 16/17, Fall 1990 Special Double Issue: Breaking Forms
• Kirsten Backstrom, Rogue
• Marlene Nourbese Philip, The Absence of Writing, or How I Almost Became a Spy and Universal Grammar
• Dyana Werden, Women's Languaging: An Image/Word Conjunction
• Jane Caputi, Interview with Paula Gunn Allen
• Shirley Hartwell, The Lie of the Feminist Right Wing Ethic
• Rena Rosenwasser, Berlin Nights
• Jennifer Weston, "Thinking in Things": A Women's Symbol Language
• Susanna J. Sturgis, Mimi's Revenge
• Lee Maracle, Nobody Home
• Sheila Pepe, To Soar: Interview with Nancy Spero
• Lou Robinson, Rapport
• Toni Mirosevich, Do Muscles Have Memories?
• Carolyn Gage, Louisa May Incest: A One-Act Play

Issue 18, Fall 1991 Special Issue: Collaboration
• Lise Weil, Linda Nelson, Kay Parkhurst, and Erin J. Rice, "The Knots and Lines Between Us": an editorial in four voices
• Christine Ianieri and Susan Stinson, Rough Fat
• Kathryn Kirk, Linda Nelson, and Lise Weil, Interview with Martha Fleming and Lyne Lapointe
• Gillian Hanscombe and Suniti Namjoshi, Heavenly Enough
• Daphne Marlatt and Betsy Warland, Subject to Change
• Kim Chernin and Renate Stendhal, Between Intimacy and Passion, a Collaboration
• Lise Weil, Lowering the Case: After Reading Sex and Other Sacred Games, by Kim Chernin and Renate Stendhal
• Joli Sandoz, The Stakes of the Game: After Reading Grey Is the
• Color of Hope, by Irina Ratushinskaya

Issue 19, Spring 1992 [Issues 19- 22 are edited by Kay Parkhurst and Erin Rice]
• Lorrie Sprecher, Lesbian Crimes Against the State
• Lou Robinson and Ellen Zweig, Centrifugal nineteen
• Lee Maracle, The Lost Days of Columbus
• Barbara Mor, aWoman Drums on MEN and Letters
• Anne Witten, Blue Water
• Anne Witten with Martha Mickles, Speaking About My Life
• Michèle Causse and Nicole Brossard, Correspondance, 1986
• Concetta Principe, March Cantos
• Monica Sjöö, The New World Order
• Robin Parks, Meditations on Form
• CB Sundance, Strabismus: A Trivial Challenge
• Helen Barolini, Trivial Lives: Bianca, the Gulf War, Saroyan, and Me
• Mary Meigs, After Reading Look Me in the Eye: Old Women, Aging and Ageism, by Barbara Macdonald with Cynthia Rich
• Ruth West, Explanation of Thea's Tarot

Issue 20, 1992 "10 Years: A Retrospective"
• Ruthann Robson, authenticity and excerpt from historicity
• Susanne de Lotbinière-Harwood, Manu Opera: Fragments of a Lovers' Dis-Course and excerpt from I Write Le Body Bilingual
• Linda Nelson, What They Have Left
• Linda Nelson and Lise Weil, excerpt from Language/Difference: Writing in Tongues
• Lise Weil and Erin Rice, Talking Eds
• Harriet Ellenberger, Communique and excerpt from The Dream Is the Bridge
• I. Rose, Report and excerpt from A Passion for Revolution
• Rena Rosenwasser, HER forwards and Berlin Nights
• Lise Weil, Conversation with Michèle Causse
• Michèle Causse, excerpt from For a Sea of Women
• Anne G. Dellenbaugh, Of a Wild Kind and excerpt from She Who Is and Is Not Yet
• Betsy Warland, excerpt from The Bat Had Blue Eyes
• Betsy Warland and Daphne Marlatt, excerpt from Subject to Change
• Daphne Marlatt, Salvaging: The Subversion of Mainstream Culture in Contemporary Feminist Writing
• Leah Halper, Trivial Lives: The Tiger Reminds Me of Myself
• Barbara Mor, the mirrors of her ice/eyes: After Reading Vagabonding: Feminist Thinking Cut Loose, by Christina Thürmer-Rohr (Part I)

Issue 21, 1993
• Ann Stokes, This Fresco Stuns Me
• Patricia Webb, A Benign Case of Writing Flu
• Myrna Elana, Differently
• The Kiss and Tell Collective, Artists Talk: An Interview with the Kiss and Tell Collective
• Penelope J. Engelbrecht, Re/viewing Kathy Acker
• Ann Veronica Simon, Friendship, 1989 and Friendship, 1990
• Naomi Riches, Crop Circles
• Lorraine Schein, Angel of Anarchy
• Mykel Johnson, Wanting To Be Indian
• Louie Galloway, Crone Comes Calling on Zus!
• Jennifer Drake, Four Poems
• Liz Waldner, Thinking of Petra Kelly
• Nancy Goldhar, After Viewing: Correspondences
• Cara J. MariAnna, The Seven Mythic Cycles of Thelma and Louise
• Barbara Mor, the mirrors of her ice/eyes: After Reading Vagabonding: Feminist Thinking Cut Loose, by Christina Thürmer-Rohr (Part II)

Issue 22, 1995
Part I: "A journal of Rejected Ideas"
• Rita Reese, Skin
• Marilyn Murphy, The Lesbian as Hero
• Jennifer Kramer, The Method of Exhaustion
• Rena Rosenwasser and Kate Delos, Hand
• Slick Harris, Shrink Rap
• Judith K. Witherow, Goddess or Godawful? An Interview with Camille Paglia
• Diana L. Fowlkes, Descending on Heptonstall: Between Sylvia Plath and the Yorkshire Ripper
• Linda Hooper, Ain't Love a Drag
• Eunice Scarfe, Pillar of Salt: The Song of Miriam
• Linda A. Bell, Do You, or Does Someone You Know, Have Vaginal Fortitude?
• Amani Kali Obike, athene of androgyny and the immortal
• Lynne Taetzsch, On My Way to Sparrow's

Part 2: "Our Regularly Scheduled Program"
• Lilian Friedberg, Undine's Valediction: A Translation of the Story by Ingeborg Bachmann and A Liberal Translation of Bachmann's "Undine Geht": Transposing Literature in the Spirit of a Common Language and In the Society of the Dead Poet
• Charlotte Templin, Webs and Goddesses: The Art of Cristina Biaggi
• Jodi Lundgren, Ini-SHE-ating & Re-Acting; or, What Happened When I Hugged Her
• Erin Rice and Trystan Skeigh, Pillow Talk: An Interview with Buddhist Editor Helen Tworkov
• Barbara Mor, the mirrors of her ice/eyes: After Reading Vagabonding: Feminist Thinking Cut Loose, by Christina Thürmer-Rohr (Part III)